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May 30, 2007

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Josie, the Pet of the Day
Name: Josie
Age: Seven years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Arabian, Saddlebred horse
Home: British Columbia, Canada
   Josie is my horse. She was sold to us as a two-year-old for three hundred dollars. There was nothing wrong with her, and she was not neglected or anything, she was simply a spirited little filly. When she was a foal, before we purchased her, she would run and hit into the fence and send herself bouncing off the wire onto the other side, offering an escape. Once she tried to do this and cut her leg nearly off. Her owner put an aloe vera salve on the leg and it healed after a long process. Now, after such an experience, she shows no sign of lameness or anything.

    She is happy, and still spirited though. If Josie knows you are young and inexperienced then she will be as good as gold. But when you are riding her more and more often, she will test you, often not going forward or taking off. But then you master her, and she goes back to being good as gold. My mom has an especially great connection with this mare, and the other day she hugged my mom by hooking her head on my moms shoulder and pulling in. She has an awesome bond with me as well, and we are her people. She used to run away when we wanted to ride her, but now she only moves a bit. She is a truly amazing horse and although she sometimes has her freak outs and anger fits, she is always going to be my horse and my friend.

Josie, the Pet of the Day

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