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May 28, 2007

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Daisy, the Pet of the Day
Name: Daisy
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Kind: Albino Burmese Python
Home: Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
   Daisy is a special snake as she recently came to me as a rescue. Daisy has been passed from owner to owner with each one of them realizing they couldn't care for her the way she needed to be. Her most recent owner stated that he hasn't fed her in about six months! So, Daisy is thin and much shorter than she should be- she's 11' (or more) long. However, she is very excited to be at home with me.

    Daisy goes out with me to schools, scout programs, etc. and assists with educating the public about the benefits of reptiles. She also helps individuals realize that a snake this size isn't for everyone. Daisy loves being handled and enjoys being outside in the warm weather and sun. Since Daisy arrived she will be receiving a large, custom enclosure so she doesn't have to be stuck in the 125 gallon aquarium she's been in. Instead she'll have a lot of floor space along with some places to climb and hide.

    With all that Daisy has been through, she really is a wonderful snake. She has a great personality and loves being handled and having the attention directed at her. She's put on a little weight since I got her and is currently having a new "home" built for her. She will soon be in the lap of luxury in her new snake-apartment (of course, she's still staying with me in my home...just a nice new cage).

    You can check out more photos at Cool Critters Outreach.

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