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May 20, 2007

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Muffin, the Pet of the Day
Name: Muffin
Age: Eight and a half months old
Gender: Male
Kind: White Chinchilla
Home: East Windsor, New Jersey, USA
   In July of 2006 I was looking for a chinchilla breeder. I found one and we picked out chinchilla for me. A few days before I was supposed to go to Pennsylvania to pick up Oliver, the chinchilla I was supposed to get, we got a call saying that he had died unexpectedly. It was very hard for me but the breeder told me that he had a brother who was a very special chinchilla because he had a rare tail. It curls like a piggy tail!

    The next weekend we brought Muffin Tuffin home. He has grown to know our family and is now a fun, energetic, happy chinchilla. He runs around his cage and jump off walls when he's excited. He's pure white and is absolutely the prettiest chinchilla I have ever seen. I love Muffin more than anything, and he's a great pet.

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