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May 13, 2007

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Little Angel, the Pet of the Day
Name: Little Angel
Age: Eight days old
Gender: Female
Kind: Lionhead Bunny
Home: Coatesville, Pennsylvania, USA
   This is Little Angel, sound asleep in her human mom's hand. I knew Boo, my Lionhead Rabbit, was pregnant. Being the night person that I am I was up till 3 am. I shut off the lights etc., in the animal room and went to the kitchen for a second. When I was walking back I noticed flickering lights coming from the animal room. I ran in to the animal room and Boo's cage was entirely in flames. The flames were setting the hay in the cage above her on fire too. Boo was up in the corner trying to get out through the wire. Being that she was off to the farthest point she did not get hurt at all. I opened the cage and started hitting the flames with my hand. Then I reached and grabbed a water bottle and poured it on the fire. I kept pouring bottles until I got it all out. The fire was all around the floor around her cage as there was hay etc., there.

    What caused the fire was my Holland Lop, Bunny "sprayed" urine on the wall and it hit where the computer was plugged in and started a spark. The spark hit the cages in front of the plug and the fire just became flames. The whole house was full of smoke. Moving everyone to safety and three hours later I was able to go to bed. First thing I did when I got up was to check in on Boo and what did I see? Seven babies in Boo's cage. She had the babies just a few hours after the fire ordeal. Thank God I was awake when the fire started and that she did not have the babies a day earlier. So this is why I call this litter of Lionhead Rabbits a miracle. Guess every name for the ones I keep will have to follow suit.

    Little Angel and all her siblings are precious to me, even more so because of the fire, and they and their mom Boo surviving. She's too young in this picture to show the "lion's mane" she'll have as an adult, but she is beautiful to me. I am still shaken by the fire but we are fortunate that it was caught when it was. Please make sure you do not have any animals that may spray housed near electrical outlets. Or if you do, please get outlet covers. I am grateful that I learned this lesson the easy way. This could have been so much worse.

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