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May 7, 2007

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Simon, the Pet of the Day
Name: Simon
Age: Eight years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Solomon Island Eclectus
Home: Huntsville, Alabama, USA
   Hi, my name is Simon and I live with my guardian, Sissy, and 27 other birds. I'm special because Sissy tells me that all the time. She loves to give me showers because I like them so much and I can't get wet enough. After a shower, Sissy puts me on a special perch and dries me with her hair dryer. I live in a large cage with lots of toys and I love it when visitors come so I can flirt with everyone. I especially love women, but after all, I'm a male!

    I eat all kinds of good food like pellets, birdie bread, fresh veggies like squash, zucchini, carrots, sprouts and my favorite treat...animal crackers. I don't get them very often, but when I do, I make them last.

    Hi, this is Sissy. Simon is such a special boy - he just loves everyone, and because he is so gentle, I've been able to take him to schools and retirement communities to visit people. His feathers have a look more like fur than your typical feather and his coloring is beautiful - he is an iridescent green with red and blue under his wings. His beak looks like a piece of "candy corn" and lots of people recognize him as the bird with the "candy-corn beak."

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