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March 21, 2007

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Jamie, the Pet of the Day
Name: Jamie
Age: Three years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Fishers Lovebird
Home: The Netherlands
   Jamie is a very cute, sweet, gorgeous and sometime a naughty lovebird! The first time I saw her was through photos sent by my friend Katrien. She and her husband breed lots of lovebirds and are - as I - a member of the BVA (Belgium Lovebird Society). Jamie was still in the nest with her parents and then one time, Rene (Katrien's husband) found her on the bottom of the cage, totally cold! He took her downstairs to Katrien and Katrien put Jamie between her breasts to get her warm again and it worked! She started hand feeding Jamie from that moment on, and in March 2003 there was a BVA show where we met again. Jamie was there too, because she was still being handfed by Katrien. She was the most gorgeous fishers I've ever seen, but Rene didn't want to sell her, because he also saw that Jamie was a champion birdy! But I was totally in love with her and wanted her, no matter what! I kept asking Rene if I could buy/get her, and after he had some more to drink he suddenly said yes, hee hee! I could take Jamie home! In the beginning, after I gave her the formula, she constantly climbed in my shirt to warm up between my breasts ... such a funny bird!

    I have had her 2 1/2 years and she still is very tame. I can play with her, cuddle with her, etc. Since about six months she has a friend, named Bobbie. I hoped that Bobbie was a male bird (I know that Jamie is female through a DNA test) but gosh, Bobbie (a blue fishers) is a girl too! My dream of getting some babies of Jamie, stopped here, but I am not a breeder, I have just had birds since I was twelve years old and they are my kids.

    At this moment I have Jamie, Bobbie and six more lovebirds, two budgies, one Senegal parrot and one Congo African Grey. Once I get a new bird, I will get attached to it very quickly, so that is the reason Bobbie stayed, she is in one cage with Jamie and now they are friends. Jamie is the boss in the cage, she's quite a character but Bobbie isn't shy anymore and so it goes well. Jamie likes to tease my Senegal parrot too! She isn't afraid of any other bird living here in my room.

Jamie, the Pet of the Day

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