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March 13, 2007

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Camille, the Pet of the Day
Name: Camille
Age: Four years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Dutch Dwarf Rabbit
Home: Northville, Michigan, USA
   This is my pet bunny, a black and white Dutch Dwarf. Her name is Camille. Camille is a special rabbit and thinks she is Queen of the World, meaning our apartment. She is into her appearance and constantly grooms her silky coat in case she is expecting any company, but her vanity is all a show because she really lives for petting and love.

    When she nudges Mom or Dad, everything else stops and petting Camille takes first priority. If you're lucky, she will do a happy dance for you and twitch and race her way around the living room, especially if you give her a banana-flavored treat. Camille is also extremely smart. She is litter trained, she knows her name, and she even knows some commands, like "cage". Camille makes her Mom and Dad smile every day!

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