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June 20, 2007

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Panic! at the disco, the Pet of the Day
Name: Panic! at the disco
Age: Eight months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Dumbo Rat
Home: Meriden, Connecticut, USA
   Here is my Panic! at the disco. Also known as "Pan" or "Disco ball." He is a Mismarked Masked Dumbo. He got his name because he has a mask on his face and the band "Panic! at the disco" has a video wearing masks. I kinda just named him after that.

    Panic! is special because he's one of six rats currently with me. He's very, very loving and affectionate. He will cuddle up with me and give me kisses. He bruxes and boggles a lot too. I take him out and people are amazed at how cute he is and how he can just sit on my shoulder without even moving.

    Rats don't get nearly as much recognition as they should and tend to be highly overlooked as pets. I think more people should be open minded and give rats a chance. To educate themselves and see that rats are actually like very small dogs. I personally think rats are much cuter, smarter and far more affectionate than any dog I've ever encountered and/or owned.

    Panic! at the disco is fed a special diet. He gets special ordered lab blocks, a mix of different fruits, veggies, cereal, meats and some yummy treats too. He tends to really enjoy his organic oatmeal though. Mixed with organic soy milk and organic sugar with a drop of honey. Yes, very spoiled little rattie. But with how happy he makes me, no amount of money is too much.

Panic! at the disco, the Pet of the Day
    Panic! at the disco is so attached to me that he will follow me around the house, he will climb up my leg, up my body and onto my shoulder to be with me. What can I say? He just loves to love.

    I hope you guys learned that rats are more then just "another rodent" they're (to me) the best pets anyone could dream of owning and are meant to be spoiled rotten. I love my Panic! at the disco and with that adorable little face that he has ... who wouldn't?

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