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June 16, 2007

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Lizzy, the Pet of the Day
Name: Lizzy
Age: Three years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Cockatiel
Home: Ruidoso, New Mexico, USA
   Lizzy is the cutest bird ever. She has a great personality and loves to play and get out of her cage to fly around. We bought Lizzy at a Petco in Los Cruces N.M., and as soon as we saw her, we fell in love. After buying her and bringing her home, she was a grumpy little thing. Every time someone tried to pet her, she would go for your finger and sometimes she got away with it, too!

    But now that she knows us, and knows we won't hurt her, she is very loving. One of the things that she loves the most is to be scrached on the neck. And watch out if you don't let her out of her cage for a long time - she can get really angry. We love our bird friend Lizzy and we would be lost without her.

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