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June 11, 2007

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Harold, the Pet of the Day
Name: Harold
Age: Six months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Vietnamese Pot Belly Pig
Home: Arizona, USA
   This is a picture of my pet Vietnamese pot belly pig. His name is Harold, he is a boy, and he is seven weeks old in this picture. He is much bigger now, and he is six months old. He lives with our family in Arizona, USA.

    Harold is my pet. He lives in the house with me and he is already potty trained to ask to be let out, so he can go to the bathroom outside. Harold comes whenever you call him, and he loves to be picked up. He also thinks that I'm his new mom, since we got him when he was very young. He is the best pig in the world and I love him so much.

    Harold is also very smart. He knows how to sit, lay down, and spin in circles. He is very affectionate and always has to be with someone. Harold is such a fun pig, he loves to play tag and will chase you all around the yard. But his favorite thing is getting belly rubs. The second you touch his belly he rolls over on his side and goes to sleep. As long as you are there rubbing his belly he will lay there, no matter how long it is. We loved Harold so much that we got a second pig, who is actually Harold's younger sister. We named her Nellie and she is just like Harold. She always has to be around people. Harold and Nellie are the best of friends and are always together. They even sleep in the same dog house. All day long they are either chasing each other around the yard, playing in the mud, or taking naps in the shade. Nellie is also very smart and has learned all of the tricks that Harold knows. I don't know what I would do without my pigs!

Harold, the Pet of the Day

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