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July 25, 2007

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Esquire, the Pet of the Day
Name: Esquire
Age: Five years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Standard Chinchilla
Home: Mountain View, California, USA
   Meet Esquire! Born and raised in Rhode Island, Esquire recently embarked on a cross-country adventure when she and her family relocated to the California Bay Area. She (yes, she!) is a very good little girl who easily allows herself to be picked up and to be held (which for a chinchilla, is quite a feat!). Life hasn't always been easy for Esquire. For the last few years she has suffered from malocclusions, a tooth disorder resulting in sharp points on teeth and painful ulcers on the mouth and tongue. She's been a tough little trooper though, bravely facing vets and withstanding surgeries that would wear down even the toughest Great Dane.

    Though her tooth pain can sometimes bring her down, Esquire finds solace in the company of her good friend and cage-mate Elliot (also a girl). Despite the occasional spat, Esquire and Elliot live together in almost perfect harmony. Their favorite activity is snuggling in their leopard print hammock after playtime in the bathroom. Here Esquire is pictured sitting in our bookcase, catching her breath before another lap around the office.

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