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July 19, 2007

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LaQuita, the Pet of the Day
Name: LaQuita
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Kind: Green Iguana
Home: Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
   This is my girl, her name is LaQuita a.k.a. Lizzy. LaQuita says hello! This picture was taken when I came home from work after her first day in the house. She had managed to get out of her cage, get scared and scare the dogs, run down the stairs then climb a lamp! She's much calmer now, and her and the dogs have an understanding of who runs the house. She does!

    I adopted Lizzy through the Green Iguana Society. Her ad was only two lines, and there was no picture attached. It stated that she was really lazy, slept most of the time but was a good girl. Thats about it, but it spoke to me! So I got a couple friends and we made a weekend out of picking her up nine hours away! It was an interesting trip to say the least but we all made it back home safely.

    LaQuita came with a small cage, but we have now built her a huge habitat in the studio. She has many different levels with ramps and logs to connect them all, and its a never ending process! We are constantly thinking about how we can add to and improve it. My favorite part is the toilet area, it makes cleaning up that funky iguana poo much easier!

    She shares her space with a gecko and snake each in their own cages, and sometimes she likes to terrorize them. It' s all in good fun, right? She's just jealous that they get to eat crickets and mice, and only greens for lizzy... She likes to cruise around the house when she climbs down her log from her habitat and sit right in front of the huge fish tank and gaze.

    I love this little girl, but I wish I would have done more research before I got her! I now recommend anyone thinking of an iguana for a pet to do their research!

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