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July 16, 2007

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Timothy, the Pet of the Day
Name: Timothy
Age: One year, seven months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Syrian hamster
Home: Pennsylvania, USA
   When I first got this rascal, it was morning. As some may know, hamsters are nocturnal and sleep in the morning. I browsed through the windows of the tanks, and behold, only one of them was running in the wheel. He was Timothy and I chose him to be my third hamster. I got him on October 13, 2005.

    Timothy's coat pattern is a golden banded syrian hamster. He's amazingly tamed, sweet, and sugar coated. He loves veggies and fruits that I occasionally give him. He currently lives in a bin equivalent to a 30 gallon tank and he loves it. He's getting old now, making him sleep more. I try to let him free roam out in my room, and when I do, this guy follows me. He's litter-trained and I think he knows his name. I can't imagine waking up with no Timothy in my life.

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