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July 2, 2007

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Tommy, the Pet of the Day
Name: Tommy
Age: Six years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Lovebird
Home: Derbyshire, England
   This is Tommy. He lived with my grandfather for six years but my Grandfather passed away after a brief illness. Tommy is such a unique character that we couldn't give him up so he now lives with Me, my partner Allison and our cat Guy (probably much to the disgust of Guy but he does hides it well).

    As I said he is quite a character, chirping away with the wild birds outside, signalling when the phone is ringing (as if we couldn't hear it ourselves) and flying around the house at least once a day causing all sorts of mayhem. Now he's with us, he is getting the spoiled bird treatment. He's got new toys and a brand new cage, to name but a few of the luxuries he now enjoys. He's a very friendly fellow and has settled in really well and even after a few short days he started coming to us and having a little nibble on our fingers.

    It's very satisfying being able to give a pet a second chance, as we did with Guy, and it's nice to see them settle into thier new life without any fears or worries.

    So that's Tommy, the cheeky chap who's always got another cheep in the tank!

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