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January 26, 2007

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Sierra, the Pet of the Day
Name: Sierra
Age: One and a half years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Alpine Goat
Home: New York, USA
   Sierra was born on March 6, 2005 along with her sister Kaya, to our goat Sasha. We own alpines and nubians and raise them as pets, to show, and milk to drink and make fudge with. After Kaya passed on Sierra began to think she was human. She would follow everyone around the yard and house. Sierra would even sleep on the couch with us.

    Sierra is now a full-grown goat and lives in her own pen outside with her friends Lady, Hailey and Jasmine. Even though now as a full grown goat she wears a collar, it is really unecessary becuase she sticks to any human in sight like glue when she is out of her pen. Sierra is very special since we will never know what caused Kaya to pass on and if Sierra was also at risk.

    Sierra got third place in her first pack class this year. Although she may be a brat a times, she really means a lot to us and is loved by all!

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