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January 17, 2007

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Lohla, the Pet of the Day
Name: Lohla
Age: One year old
Gender: Female
Kind: Teddy Bear Hamster
Home: Illinois, USA
   I adopted Lohla from our local humane society and I love her. I found my hamster Lohla at the local Humane Society, here were other baby hamsters there, and the babies were adorable but I felt bad for her because everyone was crowding around the babies... so I decided to get her. She was very skittish but yet she never bit. She loooooves peanuts and cherries. She can climb stairs and she chirps when she is happy :-] She loves her wheel and climbing her cage bars. She loves to be held and she is very affectionate. I think she is very thankful for me adopting her. She has never bitten or even attempted to.

    I had her about two hours before she started to come out of her shell and warm up to me. She is very affectionate and she loves to sleep in my hair. Everyday when I wake up I get her out and let her sleep in my hair a while and snuggle then I put her away and continue getting ready for the day. She has the nickname of "Piglet" because when she turns her head a certain way she looks like a pig! She loves peanuts... They are her favorite and She loves it when I run my finger up her nose. She falls asleep when I do it. When she wants out she climbs the side of her cage and stares at me or she will chew on the cage door. She loves shredding newspaper and she loves chewing on children's little building blocks. She comes when I call her name too. If she is asleep and I call her she comes waddling out of her little house so I can get her out. She is very loyal, I still cannot believe how far she has come since the day I got her at the Humane Society. I am very lucky to have my little piglet Lohla.

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