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February 26, 2007

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Sunny, the Pet of the Day
Name: Sunny
Age: Eighteen months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Orange-winged Amazon
Home: Illinois, USA
   Hello, my name is Sunny and when I was only four months old, I was delivered by plane from Florida to my mom on November 2005 for her birthday. I was her birthday gift from dad. Mom had waited for a long time before she got me but she says the wait was all worth it. I live with my mom and dad and three cockatiels who are my neighbors, we all live in the living room because it is the busiest room in the whole house and we gotta be involved with all that goes on around us. Here's what my mom has to say about me:

    Sunny is a true joy! He is very active all day; loves to play, chew and climb on his toys. He enjoys showers very much. He also has a great appetite; his diet consists of pellets, nuts, dried and fresh fruit, dried and fresh veggies, occasional seed, treats and very soon we'll try sprouts. Food is very important to any amazon, they love to eat but parrots have to be careful because they also tend to become obese with age. Sunny spends a lot of time outside his cage when we are home. He has a manzanita tree as well as a perch outside his cage, he likes hanging out there a lot. Sunny loves his mom and likes his dad also, but will accept affection (kisses and scratches) only from mom. I would say he is not a screamer but he does get quite loud at certain times of the day, he also is loud when he gets excited. He says several things and phrases (english and spanish), some in context... when we leave the house he says "Bye", he yells "Careto" (one of my cockatiel's name) when he taps on his cage, he says "Hi baby" "Yo te quiero Papa" (which translated means I love you, Papa), he does the kissy sound followed by the phrase "Que rico!" He is amazing. He is very loved and nurtured at our house and we hope he continues to blossom into the beautiful and smart creature that he is. We love Sunny!

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