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February 25, 2007

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Degu Daddy, the Pet of the Day
Name: Degu Daddy
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Degu
Home: Thunder Bay Ontario, Canada
   This is "Degu Daddy," "Degu D," or just "D." When I received my position managing the small animal department in the pet store he was actually one the first degus I encountered, along with his eight daughters! The staff before myself did not sex the degus, and kept the males and females together and what became of that was many, many litters; he was finally separated but was left without a roommate and became very depressed and antisocial.

    When I came into the picture I named him Degu Daddy, because well, he's a daddy! I began to handle him and was so amused by him turning his cheek and smiling when you would scratch under his chin and behind his ears. I carried him with me everywhere to make him more social, and gave him a wheel to lose some weight (weight is something in a degu that needs to be strictly maintained). Everyone in the store knew how much I loved him; and he soon became a lean mean loving people machine! I begged and begged my parents to let me have my little buddy, but since I was working in the pet store I was falling in love with every animal and my parents thought if I got the degu then next it would be ferrets and rabbits (we already had one that passed) and every other animal in my department- so their flat out answer was no.

    Well I never lost the novelty of my little buddy, and a week before my birthday (being at the store for nine months with "D") my parents went to the store on my day off and brought him home for me. Now I see him when I wake up, on my break from the store and all night and I love him even more!

    I give him only the best food, toys and cage (the one house he's sleeping in is actually a dog toy- but he adores it!). He warbles, chirps and sings my ears off, he knows how to get my attention with one loud "dee" and I know he wants a scratching. He loves to groom my eyebrows and hair and my cats tails and loves when I put his mini ladders leading out of his cage to my bed then the floor so he can run around his little "Degu Theme Park" I have made him throughout my room.

    For as much as I love my animals at home and at the store I have never been as attached to one as I have with my little buddy Degu Daddy!

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