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February 19, 2007

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George, the Pet of the Day
Name: George
Age: Ten years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Bearded Dragon
Home: Mukilteo, Washington, USA
   George is very special because he loves to play with er ... I mean destroy ... Lego cities that my brother and I create. He also has a fond liking of green blankets (I think he thinks they are leaves and tries to eat them.) We also have a goldfish in a tank next to George's home and when it swims close George likes to try to catch it with his tongue. My George just has to taste everything and this why I think my George is very special.

    George is independent and doesn't like any other animal to be near him. I guess he is jealous. He will whip his tail at other animals if they get close or try to eat them. When we dump crickets into his home, his eyes light up and he hops up and down on his legs and starts the chase!

    George is very good at hanging onto clothing and he will stay put on my little brother's shirt while he walks around. George is my first lizard and I've had him for over seven years. We got him from a friend that couldn't take care of him anymore. I thought his "whiskers" were really cool and I like how they change color depending on his mood.

    When we let George out to explore, he likes to hide so we have to keep an eye on him. One time when we weren't watching closely, he slipped away and we didn't find him for two days. I watch him closer now when he is out.

    George's favorite food is crickets, but he also loves super worms and kale and strawberries. Every time my friends come over, they want to hold him and he is very good at sitting still for everyone. I've had him longer than any other pet and he is very easy and fun to take care of.

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