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February 12, 2007

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Chumley, the Pet of the Day
Name: Chumley
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Kind: Abyssinian Guinea Pig
Home: USA
   We adopted Chumley in March, 2002. He has always been a small fellow (around two pounds) and has many nicknames - Wolfman, Woolly-Worm, Chum-Chum and Cosmo Kramer! Chum lives happily in his own little world - hearing our other, more vocal guinea pigs (in nearby aquariums) doesn't phase or interest him at all!

    In January, 2003, Chumley developed a severe eye infection (etiology unknown) that required surgically removing the eye. His recuperation from the surgery was stressful - for him and us! For over two weeks, Chumley didn't want to eat/drink and would spit out food we put into his mouth. Multiple daily syringe feedings of Oxbow's Critical Care for herbivores literally saved his life!

    Chum-Chum bounced back and has been thoroughly enjoying his life ever since! He is playful and eats everything! His favorite foods are timothy hay and baby carrots.

    Over the course of the past couple years, Chum developed a benign grown on his tummy. The lump did not bother him and we feared removal, due to his mature age, small size and the stressful surgical procedure.

    Recently, due to the growth's steadily increasing size, he had to undergo the surgery. It was a complicated and extensive procedure. Our veterinarian is The Best and removed the entire complex growth.

    Just hours after the procedure, I picked Chumley up at the animal hospital and peaked in the box he was resting in. I said, "HI CHUM-CHUM!" and he looked up quickly with his eye shiny and excited! It was a heartwarming moment as he recognized his Cavy Mom's voice! The Woolly-Worm has absolutely amazed us! He has never acted like he was in pain or sore (and he had a tummy full of sutures)! He came home hungry and playful! He is such a strong Wolfman! He is still enjoying every day of his life! We are so grateful to our veterinarian for his talent/expertise in giving little Chumley back a high quality of life - twice!

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