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December 28, 2007

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Torte, the Pet of the Day
Name: Torte
Age: Three years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Red-eared Slider
Home: New Concord, Ohio, USA
   Torte was a gift from a friend last spring ('07). He's a cool guy, and enjoys sunning himself on his turtle dock and wandering around the house, although I can't leave him out of water for too long, so when he does go on little adventures, they are short-lived. Before I moved his turtle dock, he would sometimes decide when he wanted out for me, because he was big enough that he could be on his turtle dock, then clamber up the walls and poke his little head out of the lid of the tank's hood! He never got out, though, I would always catch him and put him back in the tank. So I moved the turtle dock to a different spot and he doesn't do that anymore, thank goodness.

    I named him Torte because it sounds like tortoise, and I thought that was cute, although he's aquatic, so technically he's a turtle. He doesn't make any noise, although he will occasionally squeak his long claws on the glass walls of his tank, and it sounds like he is chirping. I feed him little reptile/turtle sticks as well as meal worms and the occasional fresh produce as a treat. Sometimes I'll look at him in his tank and he'll be swimming in circles, but backwards, and I just can't help but laugh and wonder if that's how he keeps himself amused, as well as me.

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