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December 24, 2007

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Stewie, the Pet of the Day
Name: Stewie
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Tamandua tetradacyla, anteater
Home: Oregon, USA
   Stewie was born in Florida and moved to Ohio, but due to family illness, he needed a new home. So he came here at about eight months. He was scared of Pua at first but she won him over quickly and they are in love now. Pua is Stewie's wife. Pua is a tamandua too. Stewie likes to sleep in the washmachine or on the closet shelf. He sometimes sleeps with us, or Pua sleeps with him. They play wrestle a lot and Stewie loves to climb. He climbs the door frames. He loves fruity things and cheese but will eat just about anything. He's not as snuggly as Pua, but is more sociable with others and is always begging for treats so he has learned a few tricks. He knows come, wave, stand and hold a spoon to eat off, walk, and walk holding an object. We are also working on let go, he's got quite a grip.

    He can be a naughty boy due to being so curious and smart. He can open doors, drawers and windows. He raied the fruit bowl before and tore some oles in the wall as well as clawing at the furniture. He's been pretty good about that clawing the logs we give him instead since then.

    He's a little scared of outside but does enjoy a hike once we have him out. He loves to lay and sniff out an open window. He also gets plenty of excersise running around the living room at night. he does get up more during the day than Pua does. He loves to kiss and clean out ears and recently as started sucking on my fingers.

   Here is a FAQ, by Pua, if you have questions about Tamanduas!

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