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December 21, 2007

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Bonnie, the Pet of the Day
Name: Bonnie
Age: Five months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Mini Lop Rabbit
Home: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
   Hi! My name is Bonnie, and I am a Mini Lop bunny. I have a sister called Flossy and we love to be together. I love to go outside and hop and run around. I have two doggy friends called Sophie and Lucy. They are Border collies, and Sophie loves to watch my sister and me. She would watch me all day if she could! But I think that she's just protecting me and my sister from foxes and such.

    I am a very much loved rabbit although I do bite sometimes, but that's only if I'm in a grumpy mood (which I am sometimes!). I hate it when my mum tries to pick me up, and I run for my life, but in the end they always seem to get me! Once my owner came to put me to bed, but she couldn't find me! I was hiding in between two pieces of wood! I half frightened her to death 'cause she couldn't find me, but in the end they found me. But otherwise, when I am not hiding, I'm a very loving bunny!

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