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December 13, 2007

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LouAnn, the Pet of the Day
Name: LouAnn
Age: Two years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Short-haired Guinea Pig
Home: King City, California, USA
   This is LouAnn, she's two years old. What make her so special is that she is one of the most beautiful guinea pigs I have ever seen, not only in appearance but in personality. She loves to give kisses on your hand and would do just about any thing for romaine lettuce. She likes to play games with us, going in and out of her blanket for lettuce. Sometimes she jumps up and down when we walk by her cage (this is called popcorning). My husband and I both love her so much and that sassy little thing knows it. When we take her out for little walks in her basket, she gets lots of attention. We live in an elderly complex, and when we take her to visit someone here she really brightens up their day!

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