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December 8, 2007

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Enrique, the Pet of the Day
Name: Enrique
Age: Two years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Leopard gecko
Home: Bloomingdale, Georgia, USA
   This is Enrique. He is special because my husband gave him to me for Christmas.

    Enrique is very social. His favorite pass time is sitting on my shoulder while I watch television or work on to computer. He hates being outside. For some reason it scares him. He has never made any sound at all except when I took him to the mail box once and he freaked out and made a chirping sound. If you stick your tongue out at him he sticks his out in return. He used to enjoy catching live crickets. His tail would spin in a circle before he would pounce. Now he is lazy and prefers canned crickets. He will let a live one drown in his water dish. He is our baby. He is one of my favorite Christmas presents ever. My favorite thing about him is the way he "smiles" at people. It makes me laugh. That is why I like this picture so much. People are always afraid that he will bite like a snake. He has never even offered to nip at anyone and besides that geckos do not have teeth. He sheds his skin about once every three weeks. When he does he eats it so that there is never a mess in his cage. Each time he sheds, his color becomes brighter. He has recently developed orange spots on his tail. He is very clean. He only uses the bathroom in one corner and he never makes a mess!

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