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August 29, 2007

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Eugene, the Pet of the Day
Name: Eugene
Age: Nine months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Russian Campbell
Dwarf Hamster
Home: Nebraska, USA
   Eugene is a special hamster because not only is he a friend to me, but he is also a big brother. Eugene has always been loyal to his brother, Dain, since the day we got them from a pet store. On days his brother didn't want to get out of bed, Eugene would gather food to bring it back to him. You can tell his cheeks are full of treats in this picture! He is also like his younger brother's bodyguard, protecting him from visitors to their habitat and scanning them to make sure that they are okay people. When we have hamster races at my house, it seems that sometimes Eugene just lets his brother win.

    Eugene has also been a great pet for me. Most hamsters only wake up at night, but Eugene gets up sometimes during the day just to play with me. Some of my other hamsters would be cranky if I'd play with them during the day, but not Eugene. He likes it when I stroke his back for him, he will just pause there and let me pet him as long as I would like to. Eugene also is very passionate about Cheerios; whenever I put one by him it is instantly snatched up from my hands! He is upset that I have to limit his Cheerio intake so much, but for his birthday he will get a couple more than usual.

    Eugene is a happy and energetic hamster and he loves to run in his round-about ball. When he isn't running, he can usually be found chomping away at a toilet paper roll in his habitat. He likes to sleep in strange places, including under his wheel and on top of his food dish. When we have guests over, I know it is okay for them to play with Eugene, because he wouldn't ever hurt a soul. That is why I think Eugene is one of the best pets ever!

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