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August 26, 2007

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Malcolm, the Pet of the Day
Name: Malcolm
Age: Eight months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Albino rat
Home: California, USA
   Malcolm is my little, or maybe I should say big, boy. I was at the pet shop, looking at the cute little rats, and my mom told me, "That rat that the employees are holding is huge." So I went to check it out. Sure enough, they were holding a big albino rat. They let me hold him, and they told me his story. They said that someone had bought him and some other rats. But in a fight, he had got scratched in the eyes, and his people thought he was blind. So, they took him back to the shop. He had been there for a long time, so the people who worked there put him up for adoption, for free. When they told me that, I felt so sorry for him. I begged my mom to let me get him, and eventually she said yes. She said he was my graduation present. We bought him an aquarium to live in, and supplies, and took him home.

    Since then he's been a very mature and respectful little rattie, and settled in fast. He will climb up on my shoulder, and he's getting more active every day, even if he is blind, here he's "helping" with the monthly bills. He's very special to me.

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