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August 19, 2007

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Firestorm, the Pet of the Day
Name: Firestorm
Age: Six months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Tan Rabbit
Home: Washington, USA
   Firestorm is a black Tan, in this picture, she's showing off her body type. Yes, Firestorm is a show rabbit but also a pet. I'm the most attached to her out of her entire litter because when she was just two days old, I came home after a newspaper route to find her cold on the wire, almost frozen. I think she latched onto a nipple as her mom hopped out of the nestbox and then couldn't get back into the box. I thought she was a goner but I saved her by using a heating pad and had to force-nurse her. As a result of the incident, her ears curled (due to the exposure) so she has weak cartilage in her ears, which explains her ears' unusual shape. But I don't care about that, she's very loveable and loves to run.

    At shows, Tans are a running breed which means the judge stands back and watches the Tan run and judges it on its markings and type based on the way the Tan carries itself. While Firestorm loves to run, she absolutely refuses to run in front of the judge until after he makes his decision then she will start escaping from her show coop to run back and forth, like saying "Look at me! Look at me!" She's very adorable. She's very special to me since she's one of two daughters I got out of her sire before he died mysteriously. You can see some of his characteristics in Firestorm's quirks.

    When I go to feed the rabbits, I have to be very careful with Firestorm because when I open her cage door, she will try to step out onto my shoulder for some cuddling. The Tan rabbit is a very wonderful breed. If you are considering an active rabbit as a pet, please consider a Tan. While they are not much for cuddles (with the exception of Firestorm!), they definitely make it up by keeping you entertained for hours with their antics.

    To see more about Firestorm, her littermates, and the rabbits that Firestorm lives with, I have a website.

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