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August 14, 2007

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Vanilla Icing, the Pet of the Day
Name: Vanilla Icing
Age: Six months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Blue-headed Pionus
Home: England, UK
   This is Vanilla Icing, and he is as sweet as his name! Vanilla Icing is really special because he is really, really cute. This is especially true when he's eating dried fruit he gets it all over his beak. Dried fruit is his favorite food!

    When I hold him on his back he wriggles his feet, he does not like it much but he looks very funny. I don't do it often because he doesn't like it, some birds do, but not him!

    Vanilla Icing can't do any tricks and yet he likes his owner very much. His favorite game is hide and seek - I put him in a room and I hide and when I call "Vanilla Icing" he has to find us. And I love vanilla Icing!

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