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August 9, 2007

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Rodan, the Pet of the Day
Name: Rodan
Age: 27 years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Golden Yellow, Naped Amazon
Home: Suffolk County, New York, USA
   What makes our feisty, Amazonian parrot Rodan a special bird is his amazing ability to repeat the things he has heard. Rodan can speak in three languages: English, German, and Chinese. He can say a myriad of nonsensical phrases, and other things, including:

   "Geronimo: Most notorious of the Apache Warriors. Scalp many long knives."
   "Auf wiederhesen, mein Fräulein!" (Good-bye, my lady!)
   "Where's your badges? We don't need no stinking badges!"
   "E equals MC squared."
   "Rodan want a peanut? Rodan want a cracker?"
   "Wake up, Fred! Go to work, Fred!"
   "Radar! Radar! Pretty girl."
   "Three blind mice. Hah-ha-ha-ha-ha-hah!"
   "Hello, how are you?"

    It takes continuous time and effort to teach Rodan to speak, but if he says something one time, he'll never forget it. We usually put him in a dark room and repeat a phrase many times on a tape recorder and play it back for him on a tape recorder until he gets it. Rodan has been with us every time we've moved our home, and will continue to be with us a long time coming, since his species has been known to live up to 80 years.

    Although his feathers only seem to be mostly green and yellow, Rodan hides a rainbow of iridescent feathers underneath his wings. Most people don't ever see them, but when he's feeling especially happy, he displays to the world his wings, the feathers of which cover the entire spectrum of colors.

    Rodan has a mostly quiet, suspicious personality when he's by himself. But when he meets new people, he is very outgoing and friendly. He's quite gregarious and can be a bit of a show-off when he's the center of attention amongst a crowd of strangers.

Rodan, the Pet of the Day

    He actually prefers human food to the regular parrot food. His favorite foods include cherries, blackberries, corn, sweet potato, cheddar cheese squares, peanuts, and Brazilian nuts. He really dislikes pellets, especially the healthy kind that's good for parrots.

    Our bird tries to be very independent by scratching himself on the head with his claws, but he loves it when someone else does him the favor of relieving his itch. He enjoys leans his head against the cage and closing his eyes while he is being scratched.

    When Rodan is feeling pensive, he raises the short feathers at the top of his head and walks back and forth on his perch in a curious manner. As if he is thinking over a major decision in his head, he looks up and down at the ground, only stopping occasionally. Then, he usually gives up, and goes to have a drink of water from his bowl and some food.

    Rodan can get very cranky if he's not given the food he wants. He can bite very hard with his powerful beak and can inflict quite painful damage. This is why we treat him as a fellow human and give him the food that we eat instead of the food he's supposed to be eating as a bird.

    He's also easily excitable and can scream louder than a Banshee when two people in the house are arguing. His screams are so loud that both people will get distracted by his noise such that they will stop being mad at each other. Instead, they will both get mad at the bird and work together desperately to calm and quiet him down.

    But it goes without saying, that it is hard to stay mad at such a lovable bird as Rodan. For even though he can administer a most painful, agonizing bite when he's not happy, we still know to treat him with only the utmost respect that such a regal, majestic bird as the Golden Yellow-Naped Amazon deserves.

Rodan, the Pet of the Day

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