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August 7, 2007

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Charlie, the Pet of the Day
Name: Charlie
Age: Two years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Syrian "Teddy Bear" Hamster
Home: Ontario, Canada
   Charlie is quite possibly one of the world's most trusted, friendly and dependable hamsters. His gleaming eyes and furry whiskers is enough to bring out a smile from the most concrete personalities. He is truly a mans' best friend! Charles has never met a hand he has not liked, as he doesn't believe in biting.

    Lazy, sleepy, with a penchant for cleanliness, Charlie has his own special attitudes toward life and caged freedom. Fresh brocoli, grapes, celery, and other veggies feed Charlie's pampered lifestyle! A luxurious LiveWorld Playground is complete with an extra large water bottle, and fortified with hamster vitamins always in stock.

    His daily ritual consists of re-bedding his loft 'hobble' with fresh cedar trimmings, and taking a bath in his sandbox. Later, his daily hand-ride around the house usually ends up with him sleeping in my hand, or on the leather couch right beside me. Charlie is almost a cat, as he enjoys seeping up anyone's body heat!!

    You Will - not - find Charlie chewing on colored sea-shell toys, as he cannot stand them!

    You will - find Charlie eating yoghurt treats to de-stress himself from his hectic, pampered hamster lifestyle when he is not entertaining the rest of the family.

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