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August 6, 2007

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Terry, the Pet of the Day
Name: Terry
Age: One year old
Gender: Unknown
Kind: Dusky Conure
Home: Redmond, Oregon, USA
   Hi there, this is Terry. Terry lives in Redmond Oregon with our Jack Russell "Moe" and our tabby "Raymond." We are not sure if this is a male or female as it takes a blood test to determine sex in Conures so we call him Terry so we're safe either way. Although not all conures will talk, Terry has quite a good start on his vocabulary. He says "I love you" and " good boy Terry" and whenever we are eating - if we sit to have dinner or even grab a snack from the cupboard - anything, he of course will say "I want some." He will give kissing noises on command as well as offer his foot to shake hands.

    This little one has given us hours of entertainment. Some birds, especially in the parrot family, can be quite loud. Terry has his ways of letting you know he needs his water changed or is bored with his toys, and as soon as you take care of the need he settles right down. He truly is a joy to watch play.

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