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August 5, 2007

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Gizmo, the Pet of the Day
Name: Gizmo
Age: Two years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Mexican Green Iguana
Home: Isle of Wight, UK
   This is Gizmo. She's so special, well, I think so anyway. When I rescued her last April when she was five months old and eighteen inches long. I have other animals and reptiles, and could tell immediately she was in a bad way. I picked her up from Selsey near Chichester. She was only given frozen fruit (literally not even defrosted), she would attack everything and wouldn't eat anything until all her lights were turned off. She'd sit in the corner of her vivarium and shake violently. I found out later why. Her old owner, as well as not feeding her correctly, either because she was too lazy, or couldn't have cared less, was also abusive. She kicked Gizmo across the room and stomped on her. Gizmo had multiple fractures, mainly to her back and ribs and neck. My vet said she's extremely lucky she's still alive, let alone walking. To hear this made me sick.

    She also now has a condition called cranial abdominal proximal tail, because of the physical abuse and the diet problem. Her back is quite deformed and later on her bones may press on the nerves. She's not in pain now, thankfully. She has regular checks from the vet and x-rays quite often to make sure her back's not any worse. She very loving now, but hates strangers, is very clingy with me. She turns two years in August and she's three feet seven inches long and she eats normally now. I think she's a very special girl. And the cutest iggy ever!

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