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August 2, 2007

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Tookie, the Pet of the Day
Name: Tookie
Age: Four months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Mini Lop Rabbit
Home: Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada
   Tookie is so special! Both ears are down except when she in alert mode like a camera going off. She cuddles. She snuggles. She nips and bucks. She roams without supervision. She growls at the hairbrush. She's one of a kind - she's my snugglebunny.

    Tookie loves to roam around and play hide and seek. Once you find her and say, "I'm going to get you ..." she goes from a statue to a scampering rabbit. It's especially funny when she is either sneaking up or downstairs. She quickly turns around and scampers away, but if you just say, "Come here, Tookie," she hops right to you or she waddles by walking all four feet which looks like she just learned to walk.

    If I cuddle Tookie and hold her close to my chest and say "Kiss Kiss", she stretches upward and kisses my lips. It's best not to move yourself or she licks you with her tongue and you get more than you asked for.

    Tookie doesn't like the days we clean her cage. That means she has to spend the night rearranging her things because sometimes we don't put things back exactly how we took them out and she is a "Diva" when it comes to placement…we make every effort to put things right, but when you leave the room you can hear her throwing things around and moving her food dish to get something past the hide away log. She's a bit of a neat freak, so when you hold her, your clothes can't be wrinkled or she will grab each wrinkle with her teeth and try to flatten it out ... no bulky sweaters or fleece. She also loves to suckle her blanket that she sleeps with at night time and covers herself up in it. She also makes sure it protects her feet.

    She can be independent and amuse herself with baby stacking cups … stack them up … unstack them … pick them up … knock them down. She also plays fetch with her stuffed carrot and her straw corncob rattle.

    When I sit outside with her, she jumps straight up for no reason … up down up down and it's straight up – straight as a line. She then does a triple axle and bucking horse jump and runs around in a circle four times. She then flips and does it again until she tires out and stretches in the sun after a jump on the side and flop down … we still check her pulse every time, but it's normal for rabbits to just flop over and look dead when they are happy.

    Basically, Tookie is like a cat and a dog, all rolled up into a snugglebunny.

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