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April 29, 2007

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Peewee, the Pet of the Day
Name: Peewee
Age: Three months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Deer Mouse
Home: Manhattan, Kansas, USA
   My husband and I have raised Peewee since he was only a few days old when he was brought upstairs by our cat Biscuit. He was unfortunately the only survivor. We felt at first we couldn't do anything to save him, but after much researching online, we purchased puppy replacement formula and began feeding him with a syringe. We didn't think he'd make it, but he kept on surprising us with every passing day! Three months later he's still with us, and has made a great addition to our little family. He is very fun and tame and extremely attached to 'mommy and daddy'.

    Deer mice are amazingly fast runners and Peewee is no exception. We learned very quickly that it's not in any of our best interests for him to get out of his cage. He loves human interaction and climbing upside down on the mesh topper to his tank. A month ago we added another mouse - Pumpkin, a pet store 'feeder' - to his cage. After much effort on my part, they have finally become very good friends and it warms our hearts to know he has a companion. I'm very happy to have Peewee as a pet. As I've told others (many of whom think we're nuts!) "We didn't choose him, but he chose us." We're hoping to have him as long as he'll stay!

Peewee, the Pet of the Day

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