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April 17, 2007

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Frosty, the Pet of the Day
Name: Frosty
Age: Fourteen years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Thoroughbred Horse
Home: Battle Creek, Michigan, USA
   This is Frosty a.k.a. No Ice Please. He's a Thoroughbred gelding who's fourteen years old. Frosty came to us six to seven years ago when a friend of ours needed to get rid of him due to a hip injury he has. Frosty was a race horse for two years. He raced only two times once when he was 1 and again when he was two years old. Frosty never won any money so he was no use to his owners. Frosty was then shipped from Maryland to Canada and then they gave him to an auction. Keiri K. found him at the auction in Nebraska and knew he had a lot of potential for a hunter jumper. Frosty then went to Colorado with Keiri were Frosty met his owner Chris G. to be with her for four years until he hurt his back left hip. Frosty was champion in many classes and was always a year end champion for something! After Frosty was hurt my mother saw Frosty right before my 8th birthday. I was informed after riding in 1 show with Frosty on my birthday that Frosty was not going back to Chris G.'s house! He is mine!

    Frosty and I have now traveled all over the state of Colorado and Michigan showing and winning numerous year end awards in the Colorado Hunter Jumper Association and Lake Effects Horse Show circuits. Frosty is the sweetest horse ever! He has not only taught me but my then 4 year old brother who took him to three year end champions and my 3 year old cousin who has also won many awards with Frosty. Frosty may have been hurt but he still shows like a champ! If you were to bring him into a show ring just plan on letting him do the work and you can just sit back and relax! Frosty has truly shown me how to be responsible for my own animal and he always says "Hello!" to me when ever I walk into the barn. Frosty has truly been a blessing in my life and all the many kids he has taught and loves.

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