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April 15, 2007

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Kellie, the Pet of the Day
Name: Kellie
Age: Five years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Deer Mouse
Home: Goshen, New York, USA
   I've had this little darling for about five years. We first rescued another deer mouse when our neighbors were cleaning out their shed. My son noticed a tiny baby and later found that the rest of her family had been killed by the neighbors. He took the baby, we named her Katie and we had her for a couple of months before she escaped and we caught her with a humane mouse trap. She managed to get out again and this time it was more than a week.

    I noticed that there were droppings and nests in one of my bottom kitchen drawers. The strange thing was that there were droppings and (sort of) nests on either side. I also noticed that the droppings were a different. I knew Katie's were on one side, and what was on the other side was not the same. We put out the traps and lo and behold, caught another little girl. We named her Kellie. We got Katie back too, and I was thinking of putting them together if they were the same gender and if I found that it would be OK to do so. I hadn't determined the new one's gender yet. Before we had a chance to figure things out, Katie died. I don't know why she died or what really happened. I just found her that way one morning.

    Kellie turned out to be female also and has been with us ever since. She is a total joy. At first I felt so guilty for keeping a creature that should be free. But she has a huge habitat and is healthy and happy. When I read that these little darlings only live one to two years in the wild I thought that a longer life has to be a gift. I mean, she is not missing a thing, except for dodging predators. She has been everywhere with us. We have traveled hundreds of miles in the past two months and wherever we go, she just comes along and adjusts better than we do. We love our little girl. Just look how cute she is.

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