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April 2, 2007

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Baby, the Pet of the Day
Name: Baby
Age: Five years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Parakeet
Home: Sarasota, Florida, USA
   Meet my Baby! He is the sweetest little birdie in the whole world. I love the way he follows me around the house. He sits on top of the refrigerator, on the water faucet in the bathroom (or on the towel rack), he follows me into my study and sits on my desk while I am typing.

    Baby came from a big chain pet store when he was a little guy. I named him after a big bad cave lion from Jean Auel's book (second in the Clan of the Cavebear series) The Valley of Horses. Everybody teases me about Baby's name (when am I going to change it to Adulty?). I wish they would read the book and find out what a great character he's named after.

    Baby starts peeping when the sun fills the room in the morning. I can hear him talking under the cage cover. He says things like, "Let's go." He knows that I am sleeping nearby and he can't wait to start our day. He is out and free to fly around as soon as we are awake. He sits on the edge of my plate while I'm eating (sampling all of the food). He sits on my shoulder while I type and likes to jump on the keyboard and add his own comments. Baby flies to my finger when I call him. He is particular about being on time. He is always sitting on top of my wall clocks.

    He is such a cutie. He loves to snuggle and gives me kisses. He sits on my shoulder and allows me to brush my cheek against his side. Sometimes I like to catch him and cuddle him in my hands. He hates that and complains loudly. He never holds a grudge for long (except if I clip his wings, then he'll sulk for a month).

    I let both of my parakeets fly around as much as they can. I call them my blue angels and my little aviators. As long as they behave and get back in their cage when I tell them to, they can have full flight. They are so well-behaved that I have to check around when they refuse to get back in their cage. Did I move a "scary" piece of furniture too close?

    I'm always trying to get Baby to eat new foods. He doesn't really care for fruits or veggies, but he loves bacon, eggs, and especially macaroni and cheese! I bought him a beautiful bird bath, but he won't use it. He prefers the water dish in his travel cage, so he only bathes when I take him to visit my boyfriend. My boyfriend's cat sleeps in the now-empty bird bath.

    Baby regularly says the following phrases: "Time to get back in your cage." "Come on Ayla" "Hi Sweetheart" "Bless you!" "I love you." "Good boy" "Hello" "Hi Sweetpea." He also has said a few phrases once. This just kills me. Why would he say something only once? I guess it wasn't fun anymore. He said, "Have a nice day!" and "I'll be right back," only once each. Imagine that!

    I regularly sing him the sunshine song, "You are my sunshine..." but he won't sing it for me. I don't think he likes it. For the first year or two, he used to fly away every time I started singing it. I have also tried longer poems with him (some from the Moody Blues), but I lose interest before he learns them.

    Parakeets make the best pets because they are so easy to take care of. You can clean their cage in less than 5 minutes with a piece of sandpaper and a piece of newspaper. Food and water is quick and easy. Their poop is so small that it dries quickly and you can flick it off of your furniture.

    The best part of owning a budgie is how well they bond with you. They are like little flying dogs. They want to be with you all the time, and they are very affectionate. Not all of them talk, but sometimes this is a blessing too. Baby has a phrase that sort of sounds like "Ah chooo" that isn't very nice. Be careful out there.

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