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September 22, 2006

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Roo Paul, the Pet of the Day
Name: Roo Paul
Age: Unknown
Gender: Unknown
Kind: Gerbil
Home: Marquette, Michigan, USA
   Here is a photo of Roo Paul when we found him abandoned in a local park. He's adopted and well loved now.

    One June weekend, I went for walk in our public park, and found an aquarium on its side, with bedding and food next to it, and a scared looking "rat" inside the tank. I went to the tank and knelt down to look at the little creature inside, and he came right over to me, and onto my hand. Obviously, he was somebody's pet that had been abandoned in the park. He seemed scared, and was cowering in the fish tank. I knew he would be better off in a home than in the wild so I brought him home, stopping at the pet store for advice, a new home, bedding, and food.

    We were advised that he (or she, we'll just use he for the rest of the story, but we don't know) was a gerbil, and bought safe gerbil bedding and food, along with a rather expensive gerbil "amusement park."

    After we brought him home, all of us, including the cats and dogs were fascinated with his antics. He loves the slide, the wheel, and the tubes and is very active. He also likes to go up to the sides of the cage to sniff and (maybe) kiss the dogs and cats.

    I'm not sure what the other pets are thinking (maybe dinner) but we make sure not to leave them with the Roo Paul unsupervised. Our gray cat, Chloe, will sit on a dining room chair and observe Roo for hours in seeming fascination.

    He is very happy to come onto human hands and receive pets, although he doesn't like to be picked up. That's OK, we are just very happy to have him in our home. I never thought we would all enjoy this type of pet, but we do.

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