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September 14, 2006

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Asya (Ar Shui Kwong), the Pet of the Day
Name: Asya (Ar Shui Kwong)
Age: Five years, nine months old
Gender: Female
Kind: French Lop Rabbit
Home: Shatin, Hong Kong, China
   I got Asya when I was in first grade (year 2001), and she has been with us for five years. When I was in second grade, I often bring her down to the park where we would let her run around on the grass. Sometimes, there would be another rabbit there and they would play together. Now, we don't bring her out anymore, but if it is sunny outside, we do let her out in her run and let her play around on the balcony, which she enjoys.

    Asya loves attention and she will crouch down if you try to touch her. You can pet her for as long as you want and she would stay there quietly and let you pet. She also enjoys people massaging her head and back, and then she would sort of smile at you as if to say "thanks!".

    Asya is also interesting in some ways. Sometimes after she drinks water, she will sneeze and look very cute. When you feed her favorite snack (bean stick for rabbits) to her, she will stand up on her hind legs with her paws on the bars of her cage and her nose poking out. After she finishes it, she will lick her lips.

    Asya is a very large rabbit, and since she is a lop, she looks a lot like a dog I'm told. Lots of people that live in our building see us bringing her to the park and ask if she is a dog. Asya also knows how to follow directions. One of her earliest ones is "Go back in." We taught her that because when she was little, she always want to run out from her cage when we try to feed her. Then we pretend to close the door and say "Go back in Asya, Go back in" and she listens to us and obediently goes back into her cage.

    Asya, unlike a lot of rabbits, is not scared of water. One time, my mother was wet-bathing her, and she didn't even wriggle around like our guinea pigs do! So this is what a special rabbit she is, she is also my present for being top of the class in first grade. So I hope you enjoyed getting to know Asya, the "Top Rabbit of All."

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