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September 13, 2006

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Cotton, the Pet of the Day
Name: Cotton
Age: Nine months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Cockatiel hen
Home: Douglas, Georgia, USA
   Cotton is a very special little lady in my flock of fourteen Cockatiels! I call her my "Miracle Masterpiece!" Cotton is my "Masterpiece" because I have wanted a White Faced Pearl since I began raising Cockatiels three years ago, and she is my "Miracle" because she was the only fertile egg of five. I took her from her biological parents and put her under another pair, and Cotton was hatched and raised by her more experienced 'foster' parents, Bucky and Tiki, along with five of their own babies.

    When Cotton hatched, she was the only white *Cottonball* in the clutch of yellow fuzzies... so I named her "Cotton" from the day she hatched. She is the sweetest little lady in my flock! She will come to me when she sees me, and all see wants is to be cuddled & scritched! When we spend quality time together, Cotton will fall asleep on me, while getting her scritches. She's just a love!

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