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September 10, 2006

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Jake, the Pet of the Day
Name: Jake
Age: Two years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Muscovie Duck
Home: Gadsden, Alabama, USA
   This is Jake. She is my muscovie duck, my mom got her for me. Jake's best friend in the whole world is her sister named Topaz. They do everything together. Jake is the prettiest duck I've ever seen. I love her so much.

    One time, something terrible happened! My grandpa was cutting our grass. Jake had laid some eggs and was sitting on them. They weren't going to hatch but we just let her sit on them because she wanted to. We hated to take them from her. I was picking the yard up so my grandpa wouldn't run over anything with the lawnmower. I looked down at the end of the yard at Jake. I saw that she was inside their dollhouse filled with hay with her eggs. I noticed that she looked like something was bothering her... she was stomping around pecking at the ground. I decided to go check on her and when I got down there I saw a huge snake in there with her trying to get the eggs. Without thinking I grabbed the snake out by the tail and threw it! I didn't care if it got an egg, I just was afraid it was going to hurt Jake! After I threw it the snake just sat there like it was shocked. I guess that had never happened to it before. Well, I went and got my grandpa and he came and got rid of the snake for good. I was shocked that I had picked up a snake but I was happy that Jake was all right. She looked up at me afterwards as if to say "Thank you Genny. You saved my eggs." I think we've developed a special bond since then. I really love Jake. She means so much to me. I went and looked on the internet to see what kind of snake that was. I found out it was a rat snake. It was also four feet long! That was a scary day because something could have happened to Jake.

    But, she is all right. She is a beautiful duck that is loved so much. Just recently, she has laid more eggs. These will hatch I think because we have boy ducks now. I know that Jake will be a great mother if they hatch. She is such a great duck! I don't know what we would do without her.

    She is so nice. She likes to be held (when she wants to be). Jake loves to eat crackers. She will get tired of one thing and won't eat it for a while and she'll have one certain thing that she wants all the time. Then she'll get tired of it and want something else. Right now her favorite food is cheese crackers. I love Jake!

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