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September 8, 2006

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Larry, the Pet of the Day
Name: Larry
Age: Two years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Lop-eared Rabbit
Home: Manchester, UK
   Larry is special because gives you kisses and sticks his tongue out (like in the photo). Larry is a really cute rabbit who loves to give you kisses! If you put a bit of grass in his mouth then he will eat it and at the end of the grass he gives you a kiss! He loves his run because it has so much grass under it and he is in it on the photo. He likes treats and when our friend's rabbit did not like his treats we took some and Larry loved them! I learned a technique from my other friend where I rub his paws and he gets so relaxed, sometimes he looks hypnotised, or like he's in a trance! He ate Hayley's brother's detention slip for him, because he didn't want detention! Hayley only found out when she sneaked a look on his phone and saw videos he took on it!

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