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September 1, 2006

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Goose, the Pet of the Day
Name: Goose
Age: Two and a half years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Hans Macaw
Home: Fort Walton Beach, Florida, USA
   Goose is awesome! He is a Hans Macaw, the smallest of the macaws. His favorite hobbies are to whisk his bells, to play catch with his "woefall" balls (he throws-we catch) and to take baths in his water bowl. He enjoys taking naps while he grabs on to the bottom of one of his big bells and stands on one leg. He likes to hang out in the shower on his perch and tries to sing along going "Laaaaaaa!" He likes to snuggle under our soft green throw or one of our t' shirts with one of us in it! He likes to stare at the sun and growl at it for some reason. He enjoys being blow dried after a bath (I found that out when I was blow drying my hair). He likes to visit the pet store and see his "grandmother."

    Most of all he loves to be part of "the flock" (our family) and I could not imagine our lives without this green feather ball. He has his own mini bowl while we have our meals at the table. He loves his seeds and pellets but he is crazy for peanut butter, cheese and any juicy piece of fruit. He even loves milk! In the morning, as soon as he hears that we are up and about he says "Good Morning!" He is quite the greener, always being very cute when he wants to stay with you a little longer and not be tucked away to sleep. He is a blessing!

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