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October 29, 2006

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Flanders, the Pet of the Day
Name: Flanders
Age: Twenty years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Percheron Horse
Home: Cass County, Missouri, USA
   This wonderful Percheron of ours is named Flanders, and he is the horse of the century. We found Flanders about six years ago, living in a dirt lot with fifteen mules! We had been looking for a buggy horse or mule, and when we went to the farm where we thought we would buy a mule, there, shinning above all the mules, was this glorious Percheron! He was heads taller than the tallest mule, and my heart literally skipped a beat when I saw him. He is 18 1/2 hand tall, Amish-trained to pull a buggy, and the sweetest, most gentle giant you could ever meet. We have learned more from him than he has learned from us! We think he is around 20 years old now, and sweeter every year.

    We live on a farm in Missouri, and we have two quarter horse mares and a Belgian mare, and Flanders is definitely the herd stud! He runs any stray animals out of the pasture, and he protects his mares with all his heart. We have entered Flanders and our buggy in parades, and we used him as a "wedding horse" for our farrier when he got married. (This picture shows Flanders dressed for the wedding!) And he still loves mules! When we are in the local parade, the only other animal he ever nickers at or talks to is a mule! He is a hoot.

    I tell my husband if a person is truly lucky, they will have a horse like Flanders just once in their life. We have been that lucky.

Flanders, the Pet of the Day

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