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October 24, 2006

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David, the Pet of the Day
Name: David
Age: Two years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Teddy Bear hamster
Home: Devon, Pennsylvania, USA
   David F. Hamster is about to turn two years old. I purchased him on New Year's Eve of 2005 (Dec 31, 2004) so I figure he was born sometime just before Thanksgiving. This is a picture of him when he was a baby - he's quite fat and large now! He's still very lovable and tame. He is an incredibly lazy hamster. He has never once tried to escape - even when I accidentally left the lid of his cage open.

    David's really cool. He is highly intelligent, and I like him when he runs in ball. I make him run to make sure he gets some exercise. He has only bitten people twice, which is what is amazing about him. There was this annoying girl I knew who picked him up once. Dave bit her promptly. I still thank him for that to this day. He also mistook my dad for a sunflower seed and bit him, but that was an honest mistake, so he was quickly forgiven. Dave is also my best friend. I love David F. Hamster.

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