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October 23, 2006

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Piggy, the Pet of the Day
Name: Piggy
Age: One year old
Gender: Female
Kind: Abyssinian Guinea Pig
Home: Ridge, Long Island, New York, USA
   We named her Piggy because we didn't know if she was a girl or a boy so we just started calling her Piggy. Whenever we come into the room that she's in, she comes to you when you call her name. We always let her watch TV with us, of course with a towel under her, just in case. But at night when we hold her and we're all watching TV, she'll stretch out and lay all flat. Sometimes she gets a little too comfortable, and we have to wake her up to put her to bed.

    She was a rescue pig, and her original name was Pasta, and she had a little sister in the same cage named Raguu. Since they were rescue piggies, she didn't cost a thing, but that didn't matter, we just picked her because her little face and her big black eyes looked at us and said "pick me pick me!" we couldn't resist her.

    She doesn't know any tricks but she does like to hide in things, like boots or under towels, we have a tube for her and she loves to go into it. When we open the fridge she squeaks and jumps around. She likes to chew on the bars to get our attention. She's our little princess. And we are lucky to have her!

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