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October 19, 2006

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Lilly, the Pet of the Day
Name: Lilly
Age: Two and a half years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Crested Guinea Pig
Home: North East England
   This is Lilly. She lives in the North East of England with her best pal Dilys (who wouldn't pose for a photograph). Lilly is a soft ball of fur with a mission. She eats constantly and sleeps if not chewing. She loves to be in the garden, her favorite position is lying flat out in the long grass, eyes slightly shut chewing a fresh patch of grass. However at the sound of a bag rustling, she switches into loud squeak "give me some now!" mode and runs as fast as a cheetah.

    Whenever I get in from work she is up against the bars of her enclosure squeaking a "hello" and waiting for a yoghurt drop (favorite, closely followed by cucumber). She then comes out for a cuddle. This generally includes racing up onto my left shoulder and making soft purring noises into my ear, then licking my chin for a long time before trying to nibble my nose.

    She has (somewhat miraculously) toilet trained herself. When she is out of the enclosure on my knee/shoulder she nips you suddenly on the arm and you put her home for a minute and she is ready to come out again (not like her pal Dilys!!). If she does not wish to come out again she does a mean Tina Turner impression to evade your hands (you know, the shuffle backwards)!

    You can also set your clock by her different squeaks and purrs. Breakfast time does not wait for any man, she will get you up soon after 9 if you lay in. She will squeak every two minutes between 4 and 5 for treats. She will squeak at 6 for a carrot, and if there is an interesting program on the TV, she will tell you a different story throughout so that you find it hard to concentrate.

    She helps me through very stressful times and sleepless nights by her cuddling in under my left chin and licking off any salty tears that I may cry.

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