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October 10, 2006

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Sky, the Pet of the Day
Name: Sky
Age: Nine months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Chinchilla
Home: Newport News, Virginia, USA
   Hi, my name is Sky and I am nine months old. I like to run around and cause such a ruckus. I am the alpha male and let everyone know it including my human family. When my dad sleeps in our room with us, I love to get up on top on him and "groom" him so to speak. His hair is short since he's in the Army and so I love pulling out the little hairs that I can. I also like to pull on his eyebrows and when he does take his glasses off before sleeping, I like to pull out his eyelashes. It used to hurt at first, but now he's so used to it. He'll be leaving for Kuwait soon and so he's always telling all of us that he's going to miss us tremendously. Our sister gave us some her toys such as her Barbie mansion and I love playing in it. My dad set it up so that it's front of our cage. Our cage is left open so that we can go in and out whenever we feel like it. We have our very own room. That's how special we are. I love running around the room real fast and just start bouncing of the walls. The room is set up so that I can go on top of dressers and drawers and not just be confined to a specific area. I love my dust baths and I especially like to go into my dad's pockets every day he come home from work because I know he has some sort of piece of paper I can pull out and munch on. I love to eat Charlie Chinchilla food, my regular pellet treat, and off course the special treats my human family gives me. I especially like dried fruits and the hay. My mom says that I am "king of the house." I love climbing all over my human family and they love it when I do.

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