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Jimmy the Severe Macaw Jimmy
Severe Macaw
Sacramento, California, USA
October 01, 2006

Coppelia the Appaloosa Coppelia
Massachusetts, USA
October 02, 2006

Oslo the Netherland Dwarf Oslo
Netherland Dwarf
Illinois, USA
October 03, 2006

Giggles the Guinea Pig Giggles
Guinea Pig
Newport News, Virginia, USA
October 04, 2006

Zakki the Budgie Zakki
Turnov, Czech Republic
October 05, 2006

Pongo the English Spot Rabbit Pongo
English Spot Rabbit
Harpswell, Maine, USA
October 06, 2006

Valentino the Cockatiel Valentino
Waterford, Michigan, USA
October 07, 2006

Curley Joe the Donkey Curley Joe
Alabama, USA
October 08, 2006

Bronwyn the American, Silkie Bronwyn
American, Silkie
San Diego, California, USA
October 09, 2006

Sky the Chinchilla Sky
Newport News, Virginia, USA
October 10, 2006

Fuzzy the Teddy bear hamster Fuzzy
Teddy bear hamster
October 11, 2006

Bobo the Timneh African Gray Bobo
Timneh African Gray
Tehran, Iran
October 12, 2006

Bun Bun the Rabbit Bun Bun
California, USA
October 13, 2006

Bubba Louie the Quaker Parrot Bubba Louie
Quaker Parrot
Florida, USA
October 14, 2006

Captain Jack the Hairless Rat Captain Jack
Hairless Rat
Orlando, Florida, USA
October 15, 2006

Kermit the Red Eyed Tree Frog Kermit
Red Eyed Tree Frog
Cromwell, Connecticut, USA
October 16, 2006

Teddy the Teddy Bear Hamster Teddy
Teddy Bear Hamster
Corpus Christi, Texas, USA
October 17, 2006

Twiglet the English Giant Twiglet
English Giant
Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, England
October 18, 2006

Lilly the Crested Guinea Pig Lilly
Crested Guinea Pig
North East England
October 19, 2006

Nitro the Parakeet Nitro
Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA
October 20, 2006

Blaze the Campbell's Russian Blaze
Campbell's Russian
San Jose, California, USA
October 21, 2006

Dale the Leopard Gecko Dale
Leopard Gecko
Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada
October 22, 2006

Piggy the Abyssinian Guinea Pig Piggy
Abyssinian Guinea Pig
Ridge, Long Island, New York, USA
October 23, 2006

David the Teddy Bear hamster David
Teddy Bear hamster
Devon, Pennsylvania, USA
October 24, 2006

Kaie the Silver mitt Ferret Kaie
Silver mitt Ferret
Delaware, USA
October 25, 2006

Mékhé the Senegal Parrot Mékhé
Senegal Parrot
Oklahoma, USA
October 26, 2006

Dash the Sable Syrian Hamster Dash
Sable Syrian Hamster
Ontario, Canada
October 27, 2006

Minni the Peach faced Lovebird Minni
Peach faced Lovebird
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
October 28, 2006

Flanders the Percheron Horse Flanders
Percheron Horse
Cass County, Missouri, USA
October 29, 2006

Edmund II the Dwarf Hamster Edmund II
Dwarf Hamster
Los Angeles, California, USA
October 30, 2006

Callie the Rabbit Callie
Raleigh, North Carolina, USA
October 31, 2006

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